Mood Boards

My Mood Board really helps me to stay on track when it comes to the design of my brand!  Whether it's adding photos to my website, posting something on social media, or creating some sort of marketing; if the image or colors clash with my Mood Board I won't use it.  It also comes in handy if you've hired someone to take care of your marketing.  Just send them a copy and they'll have a wonderful guide and reference!  Here are three examples of Mood Boards I have created:

Brand Boards

Oh how I love Brand Boards!  When I'm working on a project I will inevitably wonder "what was that color again?  What was that font?"...  But not if I have the Brand Board open!  If you (or an assistant) are putting together some sort of marketing for your business, you'll find your Brand Board to be invaluable!  Your fonts, colors, and pattern ideas are all in one spot.  No more searching for a color or trying to match it!  Here are three examples of Brand Boards:


Brand Strategy

Your Brand Strategy will be a document that will give you a strategy for the future and help you stay on track.  It will remind you of your vision and goals.  It will give you direction and a clear, cohesive, consistent marketing message that will attract your ideal clients.  

Your Brand Strategy is a foundation to grow on.  Over time as you accomplish goals you will acquire new ones and so some aspects of your Strategy will change as your business changes.  It's a good idea to look back at this document on a regular basis and re-adjust annually.  Here's an example of the Strategy for SKD.



Once you have your Brand Strategy and visuals taken care of you're ready for a website.  All you need now is your content (wording) and I can help you with that if you need it.  I craft websites using WordPress which will enable you to edit content in the future should you so choose.  Here are a few screen shots of websites I've created:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.51.02 PM