A bit about me...

I love all things design - online, at home, and even in my yard!  HGTV?  I could sit and watch it all day!  Landscaping?  It's dangerous when I drive past a nursery!  Online?  Well yes, that's where Sandra Kay Design comes in...

Sandra Kay Design was born out of my love for design and my love for my children.  Three of them.  As they grew, Sandra Kay Design enabled me to combine my loves.

Now my little loves have grown and flown so my focus is solely on my business of helping other small businesses strategize and communicate their brand to the world. Starting my own business was one of the biggest challenges of my life so I get where you're at if you're having a hard time connecting the dots and putting it all together!

It's hard when you have a ton of ideas floating around or maybe you're out of ideas...  it's hard to nail it down into a nice neat brand!  But hey - that's what I'm here for!

Reach out and send me a message through my contact page!  I'd love to hear how I might help you bring your business to the next level and attract your audience with a beautiful brand!  

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much!

- Hellen Keller


Some Of My Favorite Things

The Beach  |  Sunshine  |  Lattes  |  Kayaking

HGTV  |  Mid Century Modern  |  Plants  |  Jesus

Flowers  |  Landscaping  |  My Cat  |  My Husband  |  My Kids

Biking  |  Friendships  |  Summer

Boating  |  Green Smoothies  |  Music 

*  Please note - the above Favorite Things are not listed in order of importance!



Sandi Whetnall

Sandra Kay Design

Um. Yes. I'm doing my own testimonial!  I guess it's more a testimonial for branding in general than it is for Sandra Kay Design.


You know the old saying how the plumbers pipes are always leaking?  That same principle applied to me!  While I was busy branding other businesses, I hadn't done my own business!  Oh sure, it was kind of rattling around in my brain but I really had no idea what I was missing!


When I finally branded my own business I was amazed at how EASY everything became!  Finding a photo for an instagram post - no problem!  Redesigning my website - spot on!  And I finally had all of my goals, my vision, mission, target audience, etc., all in one place!  No more rattling in my brain!


Before I branded my business I felt kind of aimless and unsure.  I lacked confidence because I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it.  Rudderless would be a good way to describe it.


I now have direction - a rudder (brand strategy) to keep me on course!  I love it and wish I hadn't waited so long to take care of my own business!  It was well worth the investment!


Sandra Kay Design
I craft authentic brand strategies and visuals for entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the next level.