I love setting up a new website project in Asana (my project management tool).  As I list each task I look forward to diving in and creating!  Below is my general design process.  It may vary from project to project but in general this is it.

One of my favorite parts of the design process is research.  I take a look at my client’s competition and other companies in their industry.  I ask questions of my client – lot’s of them!  And THEN I go to Pinterest!  I invite my client to a private board designated specifically for their website.  We both pin ideas and comment on our likes or dislikes of each pin. This gives us an idea on where we want to go visually with the brand. 

From all of this research I will then create a mood board followed by a brand board.  A mood board is just that – it’s a guide for the mood of the future website.  It includes photos, graphics, and colors as you can see in the mood board to the left.  


A brand board is a bit different.  It includes the logo variations, color swatches, textures, and font types to be used on the site.  This comes in very handy while working on the site or graphics in general and you wonder “what font was that again” or “what color was that”?  The color hex numbers and the names of the fonts are all included.

After these are completed and approved, I move on to the mock-up.  This is a general outline of the site as you can see in the example to the right.  Minimal color is used and dummy content is inserted just to give a general idea of where everything will go.

Finally, once the mock-up is approved, I get started on the actual website.  Once finished, I may share screen shots of the site or make a video to share with my client to make sure there are no surprises.  Then it’s time to go live with the site and send files to the client.  

This is the general process I go through to brand and build a website.  Questions?  Feel free to contact me below!