So you want a new website!  Congratulations!  This is exciting and fun!  You’ve finally made the decision…  so now what?  Well, there are some things you can start thinking about and doing, that will prepare you for the process.

 Think think think!  planning your website

  • Brand: Do you have a brand?  What is it?  Do you want it to stay the same?  Change it?  How would you like to do that visually?  If you’re unclear read this short article and answer the questions.
  • Tag line: front, top, and center!  When someone comes to your website you have a very short window of opportunity to let them know what’s in it for them!  You’ll want a short tag line that communicates very directly what you will do for them.  Your website isn’t about you!  It’s about what you’ll do for them!  How will you make their life better?
  • Structure:  Think about what your clients are looking for.  Once they are convinced that you have something they’d like, what will their questions be?  How can you answer their questions and objections on your website and how will you do that structurally – as in – what will your pages be called or what will be on your navigation menu?
  • Target Market:  If the above questions are difficult for you to answer, it could be that you aren’t clear on your target market.  Who are the people you want as clients?  Maybe you need to narrow it down to a smaller, more specific group of people.  Get clear on your target market.

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