Have you heard? Google announced this year that HTTPS / SSL will be a factor for search result standings.  Don’t know what that is?  Think “Secure” when you see that “S”.  You can tell if you have a secure connection with a website by the little padlock icon in the browser address bar and the address itself will have an “s” after http.⠀

Are you’re eyes beginning to glaze over?  I understand!  If you aren’t the tech type, this whole subject can be rather foreign and hard to grasp.  I like to think of it this way:

Let’s say you have a book with top secret information in it and you want to send it to a friend. You wouldn’t slap the address on the cover of the book and hand it over to Fed-ex or UPS (http). You would first package it in a bubble envelope or box (SSL).

On the internet your top secret book could be a credit card number being shipped via HTTP (FedEx / UPS) inside a secure (SSL) bubble wrap package to a store for a purchase.  Or it could be your email address when you sign up for a newsletter.

If you haven’t already secured your website, it’s time!  You can do this by contacting your host.  Some hosts will charge you for this but some will provide an SSL certificate for free!  This year I have been using SiteGround for my client’s websites and they provide SSL certificates free of charge.

Don’t get caught with Google’s “Not Secure” label.  And remember too that switching over may help with your search rankings!