Let's Craft Your Brand

Your Vision  

Your Goals

Your Audience

Does your branding reflect who you are or what your business stands for?
Is it drawing in your ideal clients or customers?  Maybe your branding is a hot mess of different ideas just thrown together?  Are you confused as to what all of this branding stuff is about in the first place?  

You've come to the right place!  I can help you craft your perfect brand!

Hi there! I'm Sandi...

...a certified Brand Strategist with a degree in Visual Communications.   My passion is helping you, the entrepreneur, craft a brand that is authentic to who you are and what you and your business stand for.

When you partner with me we’ll strategize in several key areas –

  • Assessment - Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats.
  • Goal Setting - Based on your assessment.
  • Vision & Mission - Your "why".
  • Defining what your brand stands for and who your audience is
  • Visual Communication Strategy - The pretty stuff (design).
  • Marketing Strategy - Putting it into action.

In a nutshell we will define your business, identify your audience, what you stand for, and where you’re going.  We’ll cover what and how to communicate, followed by a solid plan of action and some beautiful visuals to help you attract your ideal audience.


Steve Ewert

Former Executive Director, Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center

I took over the leadership of a medium size non-profit Christian Retreat Center in 2013. The retreat center had no online presence or email usage.


I learned of Sandra Kay Design through one of my employees and contacted her. We showed her what we were doing and what we wanted to do with an online presence. 


Sandi took those ideas and developed a great web site, got us set up with emails and did some great graphic design for brochures and displays. She also set up online payment for a program we put on and followed up with continual fine tuning. Those efforts paid off in increased business.


I whole heartily endorse Sandra Kay Design as a cost effective way to build your business and make yourself known online.

Your "brand" is the way people perceive your business.

 "Branding" is the attempt to influence or change that perception.

Sandra Kay Design
I craft authentic brand strategies and visuals for entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the next level. https://linktr.ee/sandrakaydesign